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Simple Spring Look

18 Jan

Before I get in this eye makeup business, I want to point out I don’t have my own pictures.. yet. Me and my model will be working things out, and hopefully soon I will be making my tutorials.


Simple Spring Look

To achieve this look, take a sunny shade and apply on lids. Then take your liquid eyeliner and line the eyes thinly across the lash line. With your NYX shimmer coat the top of your lids. Evenly apply your foundation and use your concealer to cover up blemishes.– “Sunny Shade”- $7.99– “liquid Eyeliner”- $17.50– “NYX shimmer Pink Champagne” (2 pack) $8.69

And your for the foundation and concealer … im sure you have those. C:

But tomorrow I will post some foundation and concealer ideas if you don’t C:


❤ Kailyn