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Wavy Hair Tut!

23 Jan







Yup! I finally posted a HAIR vid! The person’s name is Lindsey, but her pen-name is “Themrsfoxxy”.


Now, Le POll











Kailyn ❤


Read !!!

23 Jan

Hello my followers! ^^

I was wondering if you can make my blog more popular by telling your friends and family about this blog.

It will mean alot to me! –


Kailyn ❤

Cranberries; Kelsey Cambridge

20 Jan

This video is Kelsey Cambridge’s.

She is a makeup artist  that makes tutorials on Every day makeups.

Speaking of Make-up;

Here is a poll!

Check her channel out by clicking this link;

If you want one of your video’s featured on this blog, please click this link to find out more info!;



Hello, Welcome to Beauty in a Site!

18 Jan

Hello, and welcome to, Beauty in a Site!

In this blog, I will be giving out tips for  Beauty!

And those pesky hair problems, those over expensive hair products, that $50  dollar lipstick all go “bye-Bye” in this blog and say hello to good prices on amazing quality items.

Please take a peak at the top right corner and select a section to get started on!

and please, feel free to ask me questions C: