Fixing your hair, a strand at a time!

18 Jan

OK, face it. You have over processed hair. You have done the following;

[ ] dyed it once

[x] dyed it twice

[x] have highlights

[x] permed your hair

[x] used an iron, without heat protector

[ ] swim a lot, then not wash your hair afterwards

[ ] put to many chemicals on it

But, knowing you, you do NOT want to cut your long, precious hair. Many people tell you the only way to fix it is, chopping it off. But if you don’t want to, every problem comes with a solution.

1.      Find a thickening spray. This will help you build back your thin, sparse hair into a thick, luscious strands.


2. To help your hair grow longer and for your chemical hair to grow out, buy these items and use them as the directions instruct you.




3.  Attack frizz control so your hair keeps smooth and soft.


4. Prevent burning your hair from your straightener and curler  with heat hair protector.

$6.99- Curler Iron Protector

$4.72- Straightener Iron Protector

$5.59- Blow Dryer heat Protector

Now that you know all the steps to healing un-healthy hair, go try it out and tell me what you think!

Tune in tomorrow where i will post some new tips and instructions for makeup, fashion, and hair!-

Kailyn ❤


Hello, Welcome to Beauty in a Site!

18 Jan

Hello, and welcome to, Beauty in a Site!

In this blog, I will be giving out tips for  Beauty!

And those pesky hair problems, those over expensive hair products, that $50  dollar lipstick all go “bye-Bye” in this blog and say hello to good prices on amazing quality items.

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