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Magic Pimple Gel

18 Jan

Having Pimple probs?

These annoying little suckers piling up on your face?

NO more acne infested faces with  Neutrogena Rapid clear Acne Serum!

This is just an amazing product. On the bottle, it said

[X] Rapid 8 hours until most of the pimples are gone                 

[X] gets rid of most of your pimples

It did those for me and I appreciated it a lot. You don’t find AMAZING products often so try this out!

Its best result when I used “Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser and toner” also, I like to add some of my SPF sunscreen lotion just for a refreshing feel.”

Here is some info on this “Magic Cream”


For the cream itself.

but for the package and to browse Neutrogena;s acne/pimple section, click this link;


Hope this helped!-

Kailyn ❤